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Always by your side.

Trgos will be a constant point of reference for you because it will be by your side at every step: from consulting and training, up to the purchase of products that best suit your needs. 

Trgos always stands by its partners.

Becoming a retailer of Trgos products means joining a winning team with a sales strategy based on thirty years of experience.

  • You will have the products of the exclusive Trgos brand in your store.
  • They are controlled and certified products of the Ideal-T line.
  • You will receive targeted training to position the Corner Point and to set it up correctly.
  • The items you will receive have a uniform and recognizable packaging that does not completely wrap the products; in this way, customers will be able to try them out in the store.
  • You will have a single interlocutor who will respond to any need and offer you an effective sales strategy.

A world of benefits for Trgos customers.

If you become a Trgos customer, the doors to a world of opportunities will open for you with affordable prices, trial samples, fast delivery and great discounts to reward your loyalty.

  • We respond to every need with dedicated advice.
  • We offer the most affordable prices, according to your needs.
  • We send samples to help the client to choose the ideal product.
  • We deliver products within the agreed time and according to the requested specifications.
  • We offer an end-of-year discount to build customer loyalty. 

Optimising purchases with Trgos's vending machines

Trgos offers its customers the possibility of installing special vending machines for its products in factories. In this way, workers, with their own badges, will be able to take the safety equipment items they need without any assistance. When needed, a company will have a clear overview of how many items to purchase in order to have no inventory in stock. An excellent solution to optimise costs!

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