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Elasticized Bermuda Shorts Snickers Workwear 6141: Comfort, Durability, and Functionality for Summer

The elasticized Bermuda shorts Snickers Workwear 6141 are the ideal solution for those seeking comfortable, practical, and durable work pants during the summer season.

Comfort and freedom of movement with stretch fabric

Made with 2-way stretch fabric with inserts and 4-way stretch in the back, these work pants adapt to your body in every movement. Thanks to their elasticity, they offer optimal comfort while you work. You won’t feel any discomfort or restriction in your movements, allowing you to carry out your activities with ease.


Resistance and durability with CORDURA®

The elasticized Bermuda shorts Snickers Workwear 6141 feature stretch CORDURA® in the crotch area. CORDURA® is a renowned fabric for its tear and abrasion resistance, ensuring greater durability of the pants over time. You can tackle even the most demanding tasks without worrying about damaging your pants.


Functional pockets for tools and accessories

The Snickers 6141 work pants are equipped with a meter pocket and reinforced CORDURA® cargo pockets. These pockets offer ample space to securely and organizedly store your tools and work accessories. You will always have everything at hand without interrupting your work to search for the tools you need.


Slim fit for a professional style

The fit of the elasticized Bermuda shorts 6141 by Snickers Workwear is slim, offering a professional and modern look. You can feel comfortable and present yourself at your best in the workplace without sacrificing style.


Face summer with style and functionality, choose the elasticized Bermuda shorts Snickers Workwear 6141. Contact us to order them.

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