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Your hands, our priority. Trgos gloves: elevating workplace safety.

IN THE REALM OF WORKPLACE SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE, WHERE PRECISION AND PROTECTION ARE PARAMOUNT, GLOVES ARE THE UNSUNG HEROES THAT OFTEN MAKE THE CRITICAL DIFFERENCE. Our selection of gloves is designed to meet the rigorous demands of your work environment. Whether it’s the bitter cold of winter or tasks that require a steady grip and […]

Maxipro | Climax Harness: Reliable Protection for Working at Heights

When it comes to working in high or elevated environments, safety is of paramount importance. The Climax Maxipro harness is designed to ensure maximum protection during work at heights. In this article, we will explore the details of this product and its key features, focusing on its compliance with safety standards and the available adjustment […]

Contour Safety Glasses: Reliable Protection for Work

Workplace safety is of paramount importance in many industries, and essential for eye protection are safety glasses. Among the options available on the market, Contour safety glasses stand out for their quality and comfort features. In this article, we will explore the details of this product and its applications, focusing on its key features and […]

How to upgrade your safety gear?

Work shoes are a fundamental element for workers who spend many hours standing or moving in difficult and dangerous environments. The use of safety footwear is essential to prevent possible accidents at work and ensure worker safety. Among the most innovative and high-performing products at the moment, we find FTG Junkers S3 ESD SRC shoes. […]

Pluton, the versatile and durable work jacket for every occasion

To ensure safety and health in the workplace, it’s essential to choose the right clothing. One of the most important pieces of clothing is the work jacket, which protects against weather conditions, impact, and abrasion. The U-Power Pluton PE178DG work jacket combines functionality with comfort, providing effective protection and lasting comfort. The U-4 fabric, made […]

From Durability to Comfort: The top features of Work Pants

Workwear, especially pants and shoes, are important allies, sometimes essential for the work carried out. In many professional fields, work pants with specific features are also a requirement. With these premises, in the following lines, we will see together how they should be made and what are the criteria for the right purchase.   Key […]

Work gloves: which ones to choose?

A brief guide to the main types of gloves available on the market. The hand is one of the main areas of the body affected by injuries. This often happens due to the failure to use work gloves or the choice of the wrong model. Walking into any store that sells safety equipment, you are […]

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