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How to upgrade your safety gear?

Work shoes are a fundamental element for workers who spend many hours standing or moving in difficult and dangerous environments. The use of safety footwear is essential to prevent possible accidents at work and ensure worker safety. Among the most innovative and high-performing products at the moment, we find FTG Junkers S3 ESD SRC shoes.

These shoes are ideal for those who work in adverse weather conditions or particularly delicate environments, such as the electronics industry, naval industry. Thanks to their DGUV 112-191 certification, Junkers footwear accommodates specific orthopedic insoles or inserts to improve the worker’s posture and movement. In addition, thanks to their very wide fit, they are comfortable and convenient.

But that’s not all: FTG Junkers S3 ESD SRC shoes are equipped with numerous technical features that make them high-performing and highly safe products. The Safety Nubuck upper with High-Tex inserts is breathable, soft and comfortable, while the 100% polyester lining quickly and effectively absorbs and de-absorbs sweat. The non-metallic TPO composite toe cap ensures maximum safety against possible impacts or collisions.

Furthermore, the Junkers are ESD certified and suitable for use in special work environments, such as those with chemical substances or explosive materials at risk of explosions or fires. ESD shoes are electrically dissipative and constantly discharge the electric charges accumulated by the human body during use, avoiding so-called electric shocks.

The Junkers are also Metal Free footwear, ideal for those who work in the presence of Metal Detectors. The Atomic insole and the HRP INSOLE anti-perforation plate guarantee maximum safety and protection, while the bidensity polyurethane sole is resistant to surfaces with the presence of oil and liquids.

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