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Work gloves: which ones to choose?

A brief guide to the main types of gloves available on the market.

The hand is one of the main areas of the body affected by injuries. This often happens due to the failure to use work gloves or the choice of the wrong model.

Walking into any store that sells safety equipment, you are faced with a wide selection of gloves with many types and price ranges, which can make it challenging to choose the right gloves for your employees.

To help with this, we’ve put together a quick guide to the existing types of work gloves.



The fundamental point is to summarize all gloves into macro-categories, which will be four. This, in addition to making the study easier and more organized, will allow you to understand the work for which they are best suited:

  1. Cut-resistant gloves
  2. Chemical-resistant gloves
  3. Gloves for Light Handling

Each type of glove is specific to certain jobs and falls within a price range. The decision, however, should not be based solely on the price, as choosing a cheaper glove could result in it breaking quickly, forcing you to replace it more frequently. Ultimately, this could cost more than buying a quality product from the beginning.

The decision, however, must be made on a case-by-case basis, and to help you do this, we will explore the various categories.


Cut-resistant gloves

These gloves protect against mechanical risks resulting from sliding or pressure against blunt objects. There are products of many levels, differentiated based on resistance. Which ones are the best on the market?

01-501 | Rokavice Kyorene.

The inclusion of graphene fiber results in excellent cut and abrasion resistance in accordance with EN 388, along with outstanding ergonomics.



Chemical-resistant gloves

Finding the right glove for chemical risks can be challenging: one needs to have a precise understanding of the substances they will come into contact with and the corresponding handling methods. We offer a wide range of Chemical-resistant gloves, such as:

37-675 | AlphaTec® Solvex®

This flocked glove is designed to offer excellent performance in multiple applications. With a sandblasted finish, the glove has a smooth surface that reduces indirect costs by minimizing the number of discarded fragile items. The glove is entirely reusable and offers unparalleled resistance to abrasion.



Gloves for Light Handling

These are the most common gloves, ideal for general use, such as handling materials in a warehouse. They can be made of leather or from syntetic materials. What do we recommend?

NFN101 | Rokavice iz najlona

These gloves are made of durable nylon material and are designed to provide excellent grip and protection in various work environments. The palm is coated with nanofoam nitrile, which offers superior abrasion and puncture resistance, while also providing excellent grip even in wet conditions.


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