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Maxipro | Climax Harness: Reliable Protection for Working at Heights

When it comes to working in high or elevated environments, safety is of paramount importance. The Climax Maxipro harness is designed to ensure maximum protection during work at heights. In this article, we will explore the details of this product and its key features, focusing on its compliance with safety standards and the available adjustment options to ensure optimal comfort.

Certification and Technical Features

The Climax Maxipro harness complies with EN 361 standards for fall arrest, guaranteeing maximum safety during use. Equipped with front and rear attachment points, it provides reliable protection in the event of a fall. Additionally, it features two side buckles for positioning, allowing the operator to work safely and with control.


Made from durable polyester fabric, this harness is lightweight and easy to wear. It has size adjustments on the thighs and chest, allowing for a customized fit to accommodate different body shapes. Furthermore, the harness is equipped with a work positioning belt, enabling the user to securely anchor themselves to the structure while performing certain activities.


Comfort and Maintenance

The Climax Maxipro harness is designed to offer comfort even during long workdays. It features comfort foam in the pelvic area, reducing friction and providing a soft sensation against the skin. This is particularly important when the harness is worn for extended periods, reducing the risk of irritations or discomfort.


To ensure maximum efficiency and safety, proper maintenance of the harness is crucial. It is advisable to inspect the product before use. Additionally, both the operator and the safety supervisor should conduct regular checks to ensure that the harness does not have any damages or signs of wear. In the event of damage or after a fall, the harness should be replaced to guarantee maximum protection.


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